M-theory mathematical-physics and String theory 11 dimensions explain EARTH iron core magnetic field war with the 2 Iron Towers of the Manhattan project ERROR of Sept 11, 2001 – – > Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic WAR ….versus the world Fe(deral) governments and their citizen errors.

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The  IRON Lady  (Margaret Thatcher) helps explain
the  IRON  Man project (Iron Manhattan).

Introduction to M-theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This was later increased to 11 dimensions based on various interpretations of … Physicist

Applied physics M-theory  String theory  11-dimensions EARTH WAR report.
Symbolic equation: M-theory + S-theory 11 = Manhattan Sept 11
Some empitical data clues that may help physics and astrophysics explain significant EARTH LAB social signaling events.

The Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic secret puzzle is provided by the CODE of SILENCE  of   Fe = FermiLAB, universities with iron Hemoglobin bio-physics humanoids, and Federal governments around the world. These puzzles are good …. a high school education and freshman  college textbooks in chemistry, physics, math, and biochemistry provide the reference materials needed. Curious about secret intellectual languages and the challenge presented by the:

A typical experiment was in 1976  ….in the CAM communications bridge test in CAM region = Cambodia. Cam.bridge, England and Cam.bridge, Massachusettes had a new  brain computer programming  theory on  communications bridges …that needed human specimens for testing; hence, the appropriate choice of Cam atomic bio-physics structures in Cambodia.

The experimental results  affected world school systems …with classroom  shootings,etc. Now, the modern model classroom in the United States magnet schools and places like Virginia TECH and Northern Illinois University violations of the North Pole magnetic field….hence Cole Hall.

The English word ….
SKU11 has algebraic subset letters …
S……11       implies
Sept 11 signal for IVY League universities. . . . . .

Does atomic element Fe (Ferrous oxide = iron)  exist?

Iron  (Ferrous oxide atom) Dec 13, 2002 –
The magnetism of the iron group of metals is a rare and remarkable property. It is not due to any inherent magnetic propensities of the atoms, … Introduction – Properties of Iron – Mineralogy and Natural History …

Elements Periodic Table of the Elements | Iron |
Essential Iron metal is a silvery, lustrous metal which has important magnetic properties. … Atomic orbital properties: effective nuclear charge; electron binding energies; … . . . . .

Nature has existed for millions of years ..and the periodic atomic table and it’s government has existed for billions of years. Millions of years ago the atomic government built dinosaurs and cellulose trees.

In the last few thousand years there  exists on EARTH various formats of  humans. They are Fe = Ferrous oxide agents with Fe = Federal governments; however, their party citizens  have forgotten their atomic heritage …and enjoy insulting intellectuals who seriously  study such matters.

Thus the periodic atomic table considers such diplomatic ERRORS a problem…..known as the Hierarchy Problem  with the  Margaret Mead nuclear families ……atomic table families and their atomic social anthropology expressions VIA human messengers.

FermILAB and Cavendish Labs refuse to make atomic anthropology announcements …thus the consequences of violating EARTH government agreements with iron Hemoglobin protein structures. The Social Contract of Nature described by John Locke has been violated …..hence, the philosophy AIR/Mouth casualties as deomonstrated by the AIR crash in Lockerbie Scotland …… the bombers studied the  philsophy of agency. The problem with  philsophy  departments is that they approve  of alot of nonsense dribble that is on televsion,etc.  Inaction, talk, and passive professors ought be more concerned about the television broadcasts  of  input data commands to the Central Nervous System 370 brain computers.

In addition, N = Nitrogen and O = Oxygen LUNG humanoids in NO = NOBEL scientist  format …also refuse to give diplomatic recognition to Nature’s vast intellectual expressions.

Thus the NOBEL Problem and the Hierarchy Problem gives NOBEL –> No + BEL –> science war Base Pair shootings with NO = NORWAY. Utoeya, OS =  OSLO = Office of Science Europe BEL = Belgium, city of schemes and lies –> LIEGE  . . . . . . . . <b>Does the EARTH exist with magnetic field?

Magnetic Field of the Earth Magnetic Field of the Earth.
The Earth’s magnetic field is similar to that of a bar magnet tilted 11 degrees from the spin axis of the Earth. The problem with that …

Earth’s Magnetic Field Dipole Field. best-fit (tilted) dipole field, at r = a (radius of Earth); B0 is strength of best-fit dipole at magnetic equator; axis of dipole is tilted about 11 degrees to …

Earth’s Magnetic Field Note that this means the Earth’s north magnetic pole is a negative pole, because the …. as mentioned above axis of dipole is tilted about 11 degrees to spin

Earth’s magnetic field -Earth’s magnetic field (also known as the geomagnetic field) is the magnetic field … the field of a magnetic dipole tilted at an angle of 11 degrees with respect to

Thus we see the magnetic WAR signal …..11 degrees tilt –> iron towers tilt of September 11

Given the periodic atomic table (small structures) and the Earth’s  large magnetic field we have  a continuum. Human life and daily activities are embedded within the continuum.

atomic level <– human intermediates –> North Pole magnetic field . . . . . .

Did the Two Towers exist in Man –> Manuscript symbolic format?
The Two Towers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Two Towers is the second volume of J. R. R. Tolkien’s high fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.
It is preceded by The Fellowship of the Ring and followed …

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers … . . . . .
Did the Two Towers exist in Man –> Manhattan solid format? 

Manhattan Project – Spartacus Meanwhile the scientists working on the Manhattan Project were developing atom bombs using uranium and plutonium. The first three completed bombs were …

The Manhattan Project: The Birth of the Atomic Bomb .. Starred Review. More than 60 years since WWII was ended by two atomic detonations, the Manhattan Project that made them possible still carries iconic weight,  … . . .
The Manhattan Project
This Manhattan Project predecessor,  code named the S-1 project , was … with graphite and uranium was transferred  to a new secret project, …

–> Tensor space/time update of the approved Manhattan project  of SEPT 11, 2001.

S-1 project  + TEN (decimal number) = S-11 –> September 11 project of the world government elite, supreme thinkers  in Margaret Mead nuclear family  …. atomic  anthropology policy.

code named the S-1 project
code named the S-1 project
code named the S-1 project
code named the S-1 project

September 11 attacks  – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The destruction of the twin towers caused serious damage to the economy of Lower … Early on the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers took control of four …..

World Trade Center – Wikipedia
The twin 110-story towers used a tube-frame structural design. … On the morning of September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda-affiliated hijackers flew two 767 jets into … The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC), established in November …

World Trade Center – Wikipedia
The  twin  110-story towers  –> the levels of stories within 1 book

May 23,1942:
The S-1 Executive Committee recommends
that  the project move to the pilot  plant  stage …. .

–> The September 11,2001 pilot stage

Early on the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 hijackers took control of four … Reports indicated hijackers stabbed and killed pilots, flight attendants, and one or ….

On September 11, 2001, four commercial airliners were hijacked and … spotted American Airlines flight 11 twenty miles north of Manhattan, just two or three minutes … At 8:14,  the pilot of Flight 11   failed to respond to an instruction to ascend …

Thus the Number theory bio-math message of 11 = eleven …the odd integers of FermiLAB  math….the ODD + ONE = 1 , 3, 5, 7, 9, SKU 11

Introduction to M-theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This was later increased to 11 dimensions based on various interpretations of … Physicist and author Michio Kaku has remarked that M-theory may present us … Background – Status – See also – References

M-theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds that of superstring …

String theory – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to Number of dimensionsý: One such theory is the 11-dimensional M-theory, which … these theories require physicists to insert the number of …

Thus we have some clues to the Hierarchy Problem as symbolized by the high, tall  towers of the WORLD Trade Center tragedy.  Then we think of TALL Paul Dirac physics and FSU and the  Tallahassee messages that are ignored. . . . .
Clues to the puzzle ..reviewed:
– iron magnetic properties
– EARTH iron core
– Manhattan iron towers
– North/south Pole magnteic field interaction with those iron towers and with the iron Hemoglobin proteins of humans that worked within those iron towers.

– Manhattan project 1943 thru 2001 – S-1 secret project evolution to S-11 – J.R.R Tol book stories the TWO Towers -symbolic world – Death toll of stories of IRON Towers – solid world ……Solids –> Polish Solidaritry movement, iron ships ……Solids –> Deep Space Nine TV show messages ……………..from Odo –> Oddone ……………..from Ferengi —> FermILAB Engineering ……………..Bajor –> Batavia Job Orders (secret)

– Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic buil.dings of iron metal
……………………………ding/dong signal  ..
Fe = Ferrous oxide = Federal Buil.ding  of Oklahoma City
……………………………..ding/dong signal
……………..168 dead –> 16 Oxygen state of mind 8 ..
Fe = Ferrous oxide biochemsitry Heme Group Fe(ii) ion
…………………Heme group Fe( 2 towers) ion signal

– Manhattan project Trinity test July 16, 1945
– Manhattan project Trinity test Sept 11, 2001

– North Pole magnetic field interatction with iron towers
Magnetic pole 11 degree tilt
– Manhattan iron poles (called skyscrapers) tilt on Sept 11 parallel/superysmmetry physics 11 degrees

Manhattan S-1 project in pilot stage in 1942/1943
Manhattan S-11 project… pilot project plan of  2001 . . . . .

Thus we just begin to understand what REALLY happened in the EARTH WAR battlefield of SEpt 11, 2001.

The Washington, DC approach to a complex situation is to use Hollywood writers  and Virginia TECH creative writing class 101 to  explain the deeper levels of the M-theory and 11 dimension tragic event to stupid,idiots  like myself.

The newspapers describe the surface veneer of the event (date, time, location, sequence of events, police data gathered,etc.) The police, the FBI, and others do a very good job in gathering that data.  That is their training, their education, and they can be proud of their database.

These are complicated matters regarding the atomic/Earth magnetic field interaction with human social institutions …… and involve subtle messages …. that require a certain speciality skill.   The governments of the world  make their major decisons in restaurants looking at a menu.  I am in science and math section of a library trying to figure out what’s happening (or I use the  college textbooks I bought to study).

Thus the database provided by the detectives and investigators is looked at using various algorithms,etc …..to see if some deeper message exists. Sometimes … a signal can be found. That is rare. Maybe a few events per year, at most.

Mathematical-physics, biochemistry, genetics, linear algebra, calculus, logarithms, chemistry, organic chemistry …. are very interesting …providing simple, basic knowledge for an amateur analyst  like myself. They help me understand the incomplete stories I read  in newspapers …stories that universities, think tanks, citizen groups approve of.  Interesting……..that so much science background data is omitted ….. and that the Office of Science and university professors will NOT fill that intellectual VOID.

But perhaps this is good, That requires my brain to study, think, draw flowcharts, etc …..and slowly over several months …with the help of textbooks … I can fill the VOID ..that was kindly left open by  newspapers under the subliminal mind guidance of university professors. Good. A puzsle …a new type of mental chess ….to understand  social science REALITY.

Perhaps, their are exceptions ..in the academic world ….that can evolve beyond the BRAVE NEW WORLD mental barrier. Give it try and escape from the Carl JUNG university collective unconsciousness. The group  mentality  has its purpose for most people …but a few individuals must rise above that ….to see the big gestalt picture.

FermiLAB and UC are probably nice guys …..but BRAVE NEW WORLD social psychology manipulation of the atomic brain …..is a favorite activity of Madison Avenue marketing and advertising tricks. They don’t stand a chance.  George Orwell and others warned intellectuals to be on the alert. I was  reminded of that about 12 years ago …..and it took about 5 years to understand  the authors warnings AND to move beyond the mental barriers.

A reminder about the theory of FermiLAB atomic brain prison codes. This involves  the ferrous oxide atom with  modern molecular cell biology symbolic technology tricks ….for the brain symbolic computer.  Modern jail cell methods –> brain jail cell.

The IRON Mask book by  Dumas The Iron Curtain …Europe 1960 atomic politics  . . Enhance your brain  with one of  Nature’s new symbolic brain processors ….. the IRON MAN project of the 26 proton atomic English 26 alphabet letters of ferrous oxide atom ………

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Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

E-Mail: Herb@Zinoproject.com Website: www.zinoproject.com


Chicago Physics -The Missing Mind Problem

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The Chicago area and Northern Illinois area  are involved in several subtle  brain experiments.  College students and professors are  particpants of a COMPUTER EARTH puzzle. What are the components of this cortex computer science mystery puzzle?

  •  The  CHI = Compare Halfword Instruction  is used in Chicago cortex computers.   It represents the starting point of brain evolution .    Thousands of years ago,  the  HALFWORD  instruction comprised  the structure of  advanced symbolic data processors used in social engineering.    MOTHER NATURE then embarked upon a complex  intellectual development project known as the ZINJAN skull project  (Zinjanthropus archeology with Margaret Mead  nuclear anthropology).

Above, we see the bio-computer  instruction of the Chicago MOUTH/Ear  people . . . . who utilize the  CHIN = CH + In = Compare Halfword Instruction.   Thus school teachers and professors …… talking in front  of a class of bio-computer students …..impart the erroneous  idea that half   of  the words of knowledge  are   sufficient  for symbolic wisdom.    Above,  we  see the human  bio-computer equation  structure with component
CH   R1  D2  …… in more undertstandable  political science words
CHicago Republican 1    Democrat 2.   This makes sense, because we have the BAL process of bio-computer entities.
BAL = Basic Assembler Langauge as used in the BALLOT box voting process ..used to send human brain computers to the Illinois State Assembly …… the Spring.FIELD   convergence  location for  brain computer data FIELDS..  Thus the State Assembly writes  social economic assembly language programs ….. using  human bio-computer.   This is an ancient process . ……the Roman Empire was based on biology computer science.

  • The Fullword  brain processing experiments  are at FULLWORD  Computer Earth computer address Fullerton Avenue, Chicago.     The biological  DP  experimental specimens are at  DePaul University.    Have  their  thought processing  abilities  evolved to   full-word instruction mode ?
  • Dobleword processing brain experiments  were well-publicized  with the  book  about  DOUBLE-SPEAK.    The cortex COBOL computer language  full-word is 32.   Double-word  = 32 + 32 = 64 .   The double-word road map test is Illinois State Highway 64 = North Aveune west from Chicago.   Failure to handle double-word tasks  is an  intellectual  double-cross.
  • The Chicago area is an extension of the Dublin  Irish experiment.   Project  DuBlin = Double-Blind statistical social science experiments of  the central nervous system GROUP awareness computer.
  • The next area of  MIND research is at  FermiLAB  with  university professors   and  the biological BATCH computer JOB (using the brain computer).      Universities  consider  an    indivi.DUAL –> as a   DUAL/binary  mental computer  structure.   The education process  is to  upgrade the –>  Batch  Electron Orbitals  (inside your skull).      Upon graduation the individual recives a    BACH. EL. OR          degree  acknowledging his particpation  in  the   BATCH  ELECTRON ORBITAL  experiment.       A more advanced test is at  BAT research center in BATAVIA –> a professorial BATCH  brain subconscious computer experiment is in progress.    Specfically  we have the MIND experiment;  with 4 symbolic alphabetic components?      What does this tell us about M-theory physics at  the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology family–> FermiLAB.

M-Theory physics  MIND  Mess/Messages about steps of  atomic brain evolution:

  1. 1/4  of MIND = M      –> M-theory starting point of  MIND
  2. 2/4 of  MIND = MI     –>  Fer M I _ _ LAB   –> fill in the blanks
  3. 3/4 of  MIND = MID    –> as in blood   plas.MID  intellectual awareness of societal structure and thought
  4. 4/4 of  MIND = MIND –> a fully  functioning  personality with fullword   Universal  Mind concepts

The TIME MACHINE -Computer Earth

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H.G.Wells wrote the following clues:

  • Year 1895  –  The  TIME  MACHINE
  • Year 1897  –  The  Invisible Man 
  • Year 1898  –  The WAR of the  Worlds                                            

George Orwell wrote the TIME COMPUTER  manual:  1984                                                                                                                                                Year 1984 + Base 16 Hexadecimal Years = Year 2000

Y2K  also  involved your brain  biological  computer.   Did you upgrade your brain in YEAR 2000?     Your  Y2K   failure components:

  • Y-algebraic  chromosome biological LIFESPAN clock
  • 2K  data stream pipeline needed  by the new millenlium   Central Nervous  System 370 cortex data processor.   Respect MOTHER NATURE social policy limits  and  MOTHER NATURE’s  intellectual  evolution will help you  out-think  the component of DEATH TIME?    It is an intellectual chess game as outlined  in the movie  ” The Seventh Seal”. 


 Mother Nature’s biological double-helix clock TIME PARADOX: 

  • School teacher  says:      Twenty – four hours a day  = 24  decimal time
  • The TIME MACHINE says:   20  minus 4  = 16 hours hexadecimal time.    The HEX/curse of computer programming CAD = Computer Aided Design of CAD =Cadavers.     Modern computerized death  accident/murder  systems  using personal computers.  Do you understand COMPUTER EARTH social engineering systems? 

Why the double-helix TIME PARADOX  in college graduates?   Do you have a  DNA TIME SPLIT  brain-computer  VOID?  Are you a  TWO-TIME loser?      You are a   –>  Y  TWO  K   –> two  time loser.

Zino Particle Physics

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ZINO particle physics symbolizes the advanced end of the intellectual continuum.  The ZINJAN archeology skull project represents the beginning.  A Margaret Mead nuclear family applications string from string theory physics connects the 2 ends of the continuum; a million years of  the anthropology nuclear family of proton,neutron, and electron evolution –> and their atomic expression via biological brain formats with the development of awareness, social awareness, and self-awareness.

ZINJAN – the Zinjanthropus Skull Project was started a million years ago and is an on-going brain/cortex awareness development project of MOTHER NATURE –>  the Margaret Mead social anthropology NUCLEAR FAMILY intellectual component of the periodic atomic table.    The Manahttan project of 1943  had 2 sides to it:        

  1. The uranium 238 particle physics atomic research
  2. The biological nuclear family side with advanced proton English prose and electron brain political science circuits

The failure to properly recognize the existence of the  Margaret  Mead nuclear project of MOTHER NATURE is a serious atomic diplomatic brain ERROR.    This resulted in the MANHATTAN project  BATTLE –> the event of SEPT 11,2001.   The periodic atomic table via  atomic brain programmed agents  . . . sent the Manhattan Project ERROR signal to the world of science  . . . .via overt, well broadcast television SIGNALS.

Welcome to Project Plan Z

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The Margaret Mead nuclear family anthropology ZINJAN Project and the ZINO particle physics project are the master/central focal points for different PLAN Z projects.  The proton property intellectual trust fund  has been entrusted to agent ZIN for applications development.  This provides numerous opportunities for unemployed scientists and engineers,  intellectually curious individuals and authors.  Interested?  

 The BLOG: www.zinoproject.com/blog1/    covers Herb Zinser’s PROJECT PLAN  Z   and provides communications instructions.  As a first step . . . .  find one or two blog titles that interest you  and  become acquainted with some of the basic concepts.   These concepts partially describe the  new  perception of world structure, world affairs, world business;  and how they affect your personal life.   Once you realize these  revealed  BRAVE NEW WORLD secrets  are  clues  to an new intellectual  frontier . . . . .then help me figure out the rest of this complex  atomic  social engineering puzzle.